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Low Budget Smartphones

Some smartphones available in Bangladeshi market under 10000 Taka.

Low-Mid Budget Smartphones

Some great smartphones are available under 15000 Taka in Bangladesh

Mid Budget Smartphones

Most popular budget smartphones are available under 20000 Taka in Bangladesh

Latest Mobile Phone Price in Bangladesh 2020

Mobile-phones are being popular since late 90’s.  The world first digital display phone was Nokia 1011.  After few years later Siemens had released first color display phone Siemens S10. Later at 1999 Nokia had brought the 7710 model which was first WAP supported phone. Later at 2003 BlackBerry unveil the first 3G phone 8100 Pearl. The LG Prada is being the first touchscreen to market ahead of Apple iPhone in May 2007. And then the race still continues.

Feature Phones in Bangladesh

In that time, at the beginning time few phones are available in Bangladeshi market. The price was also too much high. So, it was quite tough for all kind of people in that time to buy a phone. But after coming some Chinese brand in Bangladeshi Market the price has come under control. In that time Nokia was the popular and well-known brand for all kind of people. Phones like 3310, 1100, 1110, 3210, 6600, 2600 brought by Nokia was known by locally and internationally people. In that era Nokia & Samsung was the most used trustworthy, durability phones.

Smartphones in Bangladesh

The first era phones are used for calling and texting. But with some advance features the smartphones had arrived. People can access internet, can listen Mp3 music on phones. This was the first generation smartphone era. That time Nokia was the leading smartphone company in the world. Also, few times the Blackberry also leads this generation smartphones.

Android Smartphones in Bangladesh

At the end of 2008 HTC had commercially launched Android smartphone named HTC Dream. For its easy configuration, this OS was being popular quickly. After releasing Android OS, within one year Apple has released iOS and Nokia released Symbian OS. But Android has growth so first and being popular day by day. After releasing 3G network Android based smartphone becoming popular in young generation of Bangladesh. In that time Samsung and Symphony was the leading smartphone brands in Bangladesh. But at last few years Realme, Xiaomi & Oppo brings some awesome phones in reasonable price and made hike to young.